· Silver & Fit – Class instructed at a slow pace that follows along with our WellBeats system to provide an exercise routine to work all major muscle groups and promote overall wellness.

· Yoga  – Intro to yoga for members who can comfortably transition from floor to upright position.

· Chair Yoga  – Intro to yoga for members to learn and practice yoga but are unable to transition from floor to upright position. Uses chairs for support

· ZUMBA  – A latin inspired dance class that will work your entire body and burn major calories!

· Kick Boxing  – from our WellBeats system that provides a virtual workout, this class will promote heart and lung health while giving you a great total body workout! Come and knock out all your stress!!

· Circuit Training – a no nonsense workout that will leave you breathless. Moving from stations, working all muscle groups, in a faster paced tempo will definitely burn those calories and build that lean muscle

· Meditate & Stretch – incorporate deep breathing techniques throughout class, spend first half stretching and second half focusing on meditation. Step away from your busy life and take time to focus and relax.

· Aqua Tone  – An aquatic inspired class that is  instructed at a faster pace. Targets all major muscle groups while getting your heart rate up to burn major calories.

· Aqua Flex  – Aquatic class that is instructed at a  more relaxed pace. Designed to strengthen joints and improve flexibility. Great way to promote blood flow and to get your day started.

· Aqua R.O.M. – Class is instructed at a slower pace, designed to work all major muscle groups while increasing range of motion(R.O.M.)  Very low impact for joints and great for heart and lung strengthening.

· Aqua Yoga  – Intro to yoga class open to those who can swim and are comfortable in the water. Yoga poses using water as support.